Cerro Colón


A single main gated entrance with a guarding post

That guarantees security and tranquility to the residents and visitors, with 24-hour private security and access control in the guarding post.

Perimeter wall, guaranteeing security

The project is protected by a 500 meter perimeter wall in the south limit, with a 2,5 and 3 meter height, and in the east and north ends has electrical barrier and or fence.

Concrete internal roads

The internal roads of the condominium were built of concrete, 15 cm wide. This will enable the roads to support heavy-vehicle transit, and also guarantee the road’s quality and finishing for a long time.


Every property in the condominium has a subterranean electrical supply built according to the technical specifications content in the Engineering Studies issued by the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz (CNFL). The property was formally transferred to that institution, so the system is part of the public electrical system and its administration and operation will only be responsibility of the CNFL. Each lot will be connected to the general electric web by a measurement pedestal that is located in each property, and the proceeding of the connection of the service will be responsibility of each resident.


Each property has telephonic supply given by a subterranean private telephonic distribution web, built according to the technical specifications issued by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE). Each lot has availability up to 5 telephonic pairs, which need to be solicited to the Condominium Administration.

Cable TV & Internet

Both services are provided by Cable Tica, ensuring speed and web connection stability.


The project has been built with the best equipment and materials in order to offer a high quality product in matter of infrastructure, technology and construction.

The companies contracted for this project are:
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